About Alliant 

The Alliant Group is grounded in the belief that clients deserve more than they typically get when outsourcing strategic communications, public affairs or marketing.  The key is the unswerving attention of seasoned professionals who know how to build credibility and influence for a wide range of businesses and organizations.  With combined experience and seasoned judgement, the people of Alliant excel at helping clients shape the perceptions of key influencers and constituents who have a bearing on their success.  These range from the media, industry pundits, analysts, lawmakers and regulators to customers, prospects, investors, suppliers, employees, and potential employees.

The Alliant Group is a new paradigm, based on unique attributes that include:

  • Accountability for creative and measurable results—both strategic and tactical—in the hands of competent, highly engaged senior professionals
  • Flexibility exemplified in everything we do, from doing business in ways that make sense for clients right down to no-surprises invoices that are clear, accurate and timely
  • Client-side vs. traditional agency instincts
  • Strong base of domestic and international clients 

Fact is, today's communications channels are so cluttered that it is not enough to be strategically correct and tactically precise. The ultimate challenge—and one best suited for Alliant—is to make your messages relevant to each and every influencer. Sounds easy, however it is anything but.